Crisis, Risk, and European Governance

Stefano Feltri
via Roentgen 1, room 4-e4-sr01
A joint event BLEST- Dondena - IEP@BU

WelcomeEleanor Spaventa, BLEST director, Bocconi University

ChairGrace Ballor, BLEST, Bocconi University


Marco Buti, EUI (co-authored with Sergio Fabbrini): “Threat, Trust and Time: The Political Determinants of EU Fiscal Governance”

Erik Jones, EUI: “Is Europe really forged through crisis? Pandemic EU and the Russia-Ukraine War”Matthias Matthijs, SAIS: “From Rules to Tools: Europe’s Geoeconomic Future”

Violeta Moreno-Lax, QMUL: “Crisis, Risk, and Migration Governance: From Securitisation to ‘Crisification’”

Manuela Moschella, SNS: “The End of Globalization? Europe and the Return of Economic Interventionism”

Emmanuel Mourlon-Druol, EUI: “Enabling or Not Enabling: Negotiating Supranational Supervision at Maastricht”

Maria Antonia Panasci, BOC: “Beyond the Crisis: The Transformation of EU Economic Governance after Next Gen EU”

Carlo Altomonte, BOC: “Green Industrial Policy”

Conclusions: Catherine de Vries, SPS, BLEST and IEP, Bocconi University