Lobbying the EU: How Corporations Shape EU Policies in an Electoral Year


Do firms gain from lobbying at the European level? And, if they gain something, what do they exactly get? Which role do European companies and their lobbyists play in European elections? 

IEP@BU fellow Nilanjana Dutt has been working with her co-authors on a project to identify the effect of lobbying meetings with EU policymakers on the likelihood of winning EU public procurement contracts.

Nilanjana will present her findings in a digital event to discuss the role of lobbying in the European Union, on the eve of the June 2024 European elections. 

Political scientist Catherine De Vries, a IEP@Bu fellow and member of the IEP@Bu management board, will chair the discussion. 

The other speakers will be Ernesto Di Giovanni, a lobbyist for the Italian firm Utopia, and Alberto Alemanno, a Law professor at HEC Paris and founder of the advocacy project The Good Lobby. 

Alberto Alemanno is the Jean Monnet Professor of European Union Law & Policy at HEC Paris. In 2015, Alberto Alemanno established The Good Lobby as a volunteer-based nonprofit and led its transformation into a social enterprise with offices in Brussels, Milan, Paris and Madrid. 

Catherine De Vries, is a IEP@BU Fellow and a member of the IEP@BU management board.She is also Dean for International Affairs and Professor of Political Science at Bocconi University

Ernesto Di Giovanni is a partner of Utopia, an Italian lobbying firm with offices in Rome,  Milan and Bruxelles. 

Nilanjana (Nel) Dutt is an IEP@BU Fellow. She is an Associate Professor of Strategy at Bocconi University in the Department of Management and Technology. Nel's research examines how firms' actions and decisions affect their natural and political environment.



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