Francesco Perrini

Francesco Perrini

Francesco Perrini is currently Associate Dean for Sustainability at SDA Bocconi School of Management, he is also responsible for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship (ICE). Full Professor of Management at the “Management & Technology” Department at Bocconi University.

At SDA he is Professor of Corporate Finance and Real Estate Finance, Scientific Director of the Sustainability Lab and co-director of the eSG Lab – excellence in Sustainability and Governance for SMEs – at the CDR – “Claudio Demattè” Corporate & Financial Institutions Research. In addition to his research activities, he teaches both master programs and executive training courses (custom and open) and is actively involved in executive development for a large variety of companies. He also manages sustainability workshops for top management teams and senior executives and is often a speaker at corporate and sectoral events.

At Bocconi University he is the creator and Director of the Master's Degree - MSc in Transformative Sustainability, a joint degree program with the Politecnico di Milano and he teaches in the courses of “Economia aziendale e gestione delle imprese”, “Finanza strategica”, “Analisi strategiche, ESG e Valutazioni finanziarie”, “Crisi d’impresa e ristrutturazioni”, “Business ethics & CSR”, “Corporate Sustainability Strategy”.

His areas of expertise focus on strategic finance, corporate valuation, strategic management, ESG, corporate governance and sustainability, CSR & SMEs. He is considered one of the leading Sustainability / ESG / CSR scholars and one of those who innovated and first studied CSR and SMEs.