Gianluigi Riva

Gianluigi Riva

After work experience in different fields (Military, HR, Sales, Legal, Startup, Consulting) Gianluigi Riva applied his skills in Legal Strategy for Business, advising Startups/SME in IT Law, Data Protection and Security.

Then he moved to Academia bringing his interdisciplinary background to embrace new challenges in bridging Privacy, HCI, Neuromarketing and AI-related issues. He is performing an MSCA PhD fellowship that focuses on the decision-making process in using technologies such as Digital Assistants (Smart Speakers/Conversational Agents) in IoT smart environments within the framework of Data Protection, Ethics governance and Fundamental Rights.

His work aims to provide players with Privacy by Design best practices for the Human-Computer Interaction designing process of services, Apps, and products.

He is specialised in Contract Law and Privacy, with a focus on Data Protection and ethical issues in New Tech and related business models. His field of research embraces matters such as: AI, AR, IoT, Big Data, Computational Language, Blockchain, Black-Box explainability and so on, with a focus on Speech Interfaces, Brain-Computer Interaction, Neuroscience, and Bio-tech.