Rosanna Tarricone

Rosanna Tarricone

Rosanna Tarricone is an Associate Professor at the Department of Social and Political Sciences and Associate Dean at SDA Bocconi, Bocconi University. She graduated in Business Administration at Bocconi University and holds an MSc in Health Services Management and PhD in Public Health and Policy, both from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of London, UK. She is a scholar in public policy theory and methods, with application of health care. She served as an expert for the European Commission and the Italian Ministry of Health. She facilitated the harmonization of methods between the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Agencies of the EU Member States and contributed to the development of the National Programme of HTA.

She believes that research can impact society’s wellbeing provided it leverages on the contribution of different disciplines. She believes that the most valuable resources of academic institutions are the students and for this reason, spending time in teaching activities is a privilege. But she also believes that productive researchers are those with multiple interests and she likes trekking, hiking, running, traveling, especially with her family and good friends.

Her interests are to i) advance methods and theory in the field of public choice and public policy; ii) apply that body of work to practice and policy reform; and iii) help educate students and policymakers through classroom and outside educational initiatives. Ultimately, she is committed to improve the efficiency and equity of the health system through the application of public choice theory and methods. Her research is characterised by being interdisciplinary, mostly carried out through large international, mainly EU-based, consortia of scholars, and major collaborative policy development initiatives that span EU policy makers.