Stefano Liebman

Stefano Liebman

Stefano Liebman is Emeritus Professor of Law and previously was Full Professor of Labour Law (2000/2022).

Born on March 13th, 1953, graduated in Law in 1976 from Università degli Studi di Milano.

Latest academic appointments: Associate Professor at Bocconi University - 1995/2000; Full Professor at Bocconi University - 2000/2020; Head of the Comparative Law Institute “Angelo Sraffa” (now Department of Legal Studies “Angelo Sraffa”) - 2002/2003; Dean of the Bocconi School of Law - 2012/2018;

Visiting Professor at the School of Law of the Fondaçao Getullio Vargas, Saō Paulo, Brasil (2018).

Research main topics: Labour Law; Employment Law, Contract Law, Constitutional Law, European Law.